What Is Unboxing and Its Importance in A Business?

There is no doubt that your customers like opening packages. You need to make it a unique moment by enriching their overall unboxing experience. The terrifying anticipation, the shining boxes with ribbons create some magic in the minds of people. This is what an unboxing experience implies to its customers. It is based on the memories that entrepreneurs and customers have in their mind.

Importance of unboxing

Unboxing experience guide and videos can assist in generate a buzz around any brand. This buzz can turn out to be a profit-making strategy for any business. Unboxing videos are a part of the research that consumers do prior to making a purchase. It makes viewers 64%-85% keener to buy a product after viewing a product video. A business that provided remarkable unboxing experience to its customers got 60,000 results to show up in the search results.

How does unboxing serve as a marketing tool?

Unboxing is seen as an effective marketing tool for any company. Bloggers or YouTube influencers can be encouraged to try out your product and provide their valuable feedback. In addition to this, look for videos and photos posted by your customers on social media. Try doing search via hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, join groups on Facebook, that can be linked with your industry.

Understand the type of product you are packing

Evaluating the idea of unboxing of a product starts from the product features. Each of these products has got a varied characteristic that emphasizes the overall unboxing experience. If the packing is fragile, you can even use a colorful packaging filler. If the item is small in sizes such as a jewelry or a technical gadget, then you must work on the right exposure.

What does Birchbox teach you in making a remarkable unboxing experience?

There is some form of internal wrapping paper used in packaging the product. These papers are colored that sets the visual theme of a box. Sometimes boxes include activities, competitions or inspiring slogans too. On opening the package, you will find a collection of stickers with words such as ‘creativity’ and ‘strength’ written on it. These words enable subscribers to complete the sentence on its own. Birchbox is a way to showcase how to brand an unboxing experience.


Unboxing holds a lot of significance in any business. Using the right techniques and ideas would definitely help in enhancing your marketing efforts.