Why Do You Need A VPS for Your Website?

Alright. So, the website got designed and programmed exactly as you imagined it and the prototype looks perfect. The only thing remaining is putting the fully furnished product on the Internet. But hey, the easy part isn’t over yet, is it? You must choose from a multitude of hosting sites such as shared web hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Which one should you choose? And here is where the need for a VPS develops. You will find out soon enough that the internet isn’t the safest space that you can encounter and that protection is always needed when surfing through the web. Which is why we urge you to consider a VPS for your website for the following reasons:

What is VPS?

VPS. Or Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting that is an intermediate between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In layman’s terms, web hosting server is a place where you put your website’s files and when people visit your website, the server sends those files to the  visitors. To understand better, let’s use an analogy of the website as a shop you want to set up in real life. Your website is the shop that customers will visit. Dedicated hosting is like constructing a mega-store in order to display your product. Of course, if you have a large number of customers, then that’s what you need. But it will be quite expensive.

Another option is to buy a stall in the bazaar. You have your own spot where you display your product but you will have to share the resources with everyone. You won’t have full control over the location. If someone who shares the same facility starts to suddenly consume a lot of electricity or gets crowded, then your spot will also be affected.

VPS is buying an independent shop in a mall. You have your own facilities and space, but it’s not that expensive as well. It’s an intermediate between dedicated and shared hosting and provides more bang for the buck.

Benefits and Advantages of VPS

If you own a small to medium sized business and want to put a website on the Internet to cater to the digital population, VPS would be your best option among all types of hosting.

Virtual Private Server is based upon the framework of virtualization which you might have already heard of from software such as VMWare which allows you to create a virtual installation of another OS inside your own computer. In a Virtual Private Server, you are essentially using a shared hosting, but it is cordoned off specifically for each person and operates as though it is a dedicated server. So, services such as RAM, CPU, etc. are only reserved for you. If someone else’s traffic gets a huge bump, your website will not be affected, unlike in shared hosting.

Moreover, the price is also comparatively much cheaper than a full dedicated server. If you aren’t expecting a large number of visitors on your website initially, then you shouldn’t waste your money on a dedicated server but instead buy a VPS which comes with a lesser cost.

If you are convinced that VPS is what you are looking for, then I personally recommend Memset Hosting which provides excellent VPS services at a reasonable rate. Plus, they have many features such as cPanel, 24/7 monitoring and an excellent infrastructure.